Something gay this way comes.

Why I think Harry Styles is most comfortable with his sexuality.
  1. Let’s start with the Swedish Interview. I don’t know how real this is, but it’s worded really suspicously, leading me to believe that he implied on being bisexual. Correct me if I’m wrong but I am sure this was before the mass speculation of Larry Stylinson came about. It was still popular but it was at a time when the boys weren’t questioned daily on their ‘bromance’. At a time where Harry could be more comfortable with saying something like this:
  2. His purple bracelet of gay - Obviously Harry’s bracelets mean a lot to him. I once saw an image of Harry wearing a purple bracelet and someone had zoomed up on it so we could see the words clearer. It said I believe either “LGBT” or Gay… or something related to that sort. I unfortunately have no idea where I stashed that picture either in my likes or my actual blog but if someone could kindly send that to me if they have it, that’d be awesome. Or I might just be making this whole thing up…. BUT I DEFINITELY REMEMBER SEEING THIS (He wears this purple bracelet a lot as seen in many photos). 
  3. According to this article on Sugarscape, Harry once told a girl he didn’t fancy, that he was gay. Now I don’t know about you, but MOST teenage boys would not want to be addressed as being gay (for a fear turning into a homo?? I don’t know how their minds work ) let alone tell anyone they were gay as a joke. As horrible as it is, many boys Harry’s age enjoy feeling as masculine as possible and being gay is a sign of weakness and femininity. For Harry to insinuate, even in a joking way, that he was/is gay is a big deal. I’m sure he could have found many other ways to let a girl down, BUT NO. He chose to tell her he was gay, I’m wondering how much truth that statement holds.
  4. Nick Grimshaw. This is probably one my biggest points… how many boys do you know that are comfortable enough to hang out with a gay man by themselves? Actually I know a quite a couple, but go with with me here. The fact that Harry chooses to go shopping, go out for lunch and dinner, go out to clubs, go to London Fashion Week with Nick Grimshaw on a daily bases is a dead giveaway to the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with youuuu. Okay sorry. To sum it up, this is what my friend had written earlier about the issue: “I honestly think he’s good for Harry (I mean obviously not his soulmate like Louis but…). Harry has a lot of feelings (confused ones maybe?), and since Louis is being a little dickbag with Eleanor, Harry had to go vent out his feeling elsewhere. Nick opens up new worlds for Harry I think and makes him more comfortable with himself. However, I don’t think they are in any form of a committed relationship. Harry is Nick’s little toy when he wants to have a little fun and Harry enjoys being with Nick when Louis’ off with Eleanor somewhere. When was the last time you’ve seen an 18 year old boy best friends with a 28 year old gay man. Please tell me. “
    I blindly believe in Larry Stylinson though.
  5. Love is Equal Shirt. Need I say more? 
  6. The most recently surfaced photos of Harry at a night club with Nick’s friend from The Drums (who is gay). The bar isn’t necessarily gay but that night was supposedly gay night on March 22. Of course being at a gay bar does not make him gay but it is obvious that Harry does not care much being seen at such places. Gay gay gay.

    The comment on the picture says:
    That kid in the white shirt in the first picture is Harry Styles. He’s a part of the band One Direction. Which just happens to be one of the most famous bands at this current moment. It’s so nice to see someone that important to be so openly a part of the gay community.”
  7. I can not believe I forgot this, but an anon just pointed out how Harry has always used gender neutral descriptions when asked to describe his “perfect person”. Like in this Heat World Interview, he constantly repeats “someone” who is funny and “someone” who is a nice person. Or how about in this quote, where he just mentions liking “people” who are friendly and easy to get along with. 
  8. Let’s also not forget this lovely gem where Harry basically outs himself by saying “if you can hold a conversation with him" in the Montreal Interview (or audio if you’d prefer). I know many people argue that he’s saying them, but all I hear is him so yes. And even if he is saying “them”, it’s still gender neutral people.

To sum it up, Harry is obviously comfortable enough to show the world who he is and what he supports regardless of what might be going on. Harry is okay with whatever is his sexuality and is a raging homosexual.  

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